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3 rows where pk2 = "k" and text = "$null"

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Link pk1 pk2 content sortable sortable_with_nulls sortable_with_nulls_2 text
f k f-k -65 0.045346811013382116 0.23480003243132908 $null
g k g-k 24   0.7549431436683707 $null
h k h-k 92 0.44892796303334037 0.23916849724551947 $null

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CREATE TABLE sortable (
  pk1 varchar(30),
  pk2 varchar(30),
  content text,
  sortable integer,
  sortable_with_nulls real,
  sortable_with_nulls_2 real,
  text text,
  PRIMARY KEY (pk1, pk2)